Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday, PEPAW!!!!

We spent Memorial weekend camping at Yogi Bear Park, we also celebrated Pepaw's 60th Birthday.  Saturday, we surprised Dad with a small birthday celebration.  Mom had to get him to leave for a little while so we could pull it all together.  With the great help from family and friends, I think we put together a nice little surprise party for him.  Dad doesn't like attention on him but once the surprise was over, he enjoyed his day.  We had shirts made for all the grandkids that said "Pepaw's Favortie", I would bet that was his BEST GIFT!  He is a proud "Pepaw"!

Pepaw and Memaw with there "FAVORITES"!

This is HANK, Taylor's bestfriend.  He is absolutely precious and we love him to pieces. 

Dad with me, Michelle and George - some great looking kids you got there Pepaw.

Taylor-She is her Momma's child always making sure the area is kept nice and tiddy.

Katlyn and Hunter, she is only getting to hold him because I am not around.  He loves his Aunt Retta and wants me when he sees me.  The feeling is mutual Baby Hunter, I love you so much!

Red, White and Blue Baby! Let's go to the pool.

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