Thursday, May 26, 2011

So...  I am not the best blogger on the block, random events from the month of May.

Happy Mother's Day! What a joy being a "Mommy" to my fantastic kiddos.

Memaw with Katlyn and Taylor on Mother's Day.

Matthew and Hunter protesting a picture but they still look so handsome.

Taylor wearing her Big Sissy's shoes.  She loves to put on Katlyn's shoes and walk around the house.

Family Night with "Mother's of Montgomery".  We enjoyed a family picnic at the park with friends last Friday evening.  Katlyn gained another "Fan", little Miss Abigail (she is in the middle with her hands up).  Taylor played in the sand for the first time and she loved it.  These babies are so good, look how we got them all to sit down and look at the camera.  HAHA!!!  I only took 10 pics to get a decent one.

Katlyn's 5th Grade Awards, we are so proud of her.  She received the AB Honor Roll Award, AR Achievement, 3rd Place in UIL Oral Reading and Commended Performance on all of her TAKS testing.  She worked really hard this year.

Katlyn also tryed out for the Danzco Dazzlerz Dance Team.  We are waiting patiently for the letter to come by mail with the verdict.  Patience is the key and we don't have any of that in this family.

We are looking forward to a get-a-way this weekend.  Yogi Bear Camping, here we come. 

From our family to yours lots of LOVE,

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